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A delicious 3-course dinner
A delicious 3-course dinner

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Matching wine deals

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Enjoy with Restaurant ID

Restaurant offers, who doesn't want that?! With your personal Restaurant ID you can benefit from varied dishes in the participating hotels every month!

Don't have a personal Restaurant ID yet?


Every van der Valk chef is free to adjust the preparation of the Restaurant ID dishes to his taste. That means the dish can vary in every hotel.

How do I participate?

How do I participate?

Create a Restaurant ID, reserve your table and enjoy a great price in our restaurants.

Every month you can use the dinner deal, changing dish and the wine deal!
Only one person at the table needs a personal Restaurant ID.

  • Wine deals

    Wine deals

    You can enjoy our wine deals every month! They have been carefully selected and matched with the Restaurant ID dishes.

    Ask your waiter at your favorite participating hotel for more information.

  • Dinner deal

    Dinner deal

    With the dinner deal you can eat extensively for the lowest price in one of our many restaurants.

    The menus are specially prepared by the chefs of the hotels and therefore different in every hotel!

    per person
  • Who is participating?

    Who is participating?

    View in one overview which hotels participate in the Restaurant ID.

    If you want to participate in the Restaurant ID promotions, we recommend that you always make a reservation at the Valk Exclusive restaurant of your choice.

The app for even more convenience

The app for even more convenience

Download the Valk Exclusive app to have your Restaurant ID with you on the road. Do not cook an evening spontaneously (or planned), it becomes easier and easier!

The app is free to download and can be used with your Valk Account. You can find the personal Restaurant ID in the hotel dashboard of your Valk Account.

Click on the icons of your App or Play store and immediately download the free Valk Exclusive app.